The County Board of Commissioners are the primary executive and administrative office for the county. 

The Board of Commissioners is composed of:

Howard Curry
Tim Williams (President)
Barry Edwards

Among the duties of the Commissioners are:
Authorizing claims presented by the Auditor for payment.
Receiving bids.
Authorizing contracts.
Maintaining county buildings and property.
Supervising construction and maintenance of the county roads & bridges.
Appointing department heads, when the department is not supervised by another elected official.
Serving on or appointing representatives for other executive boards.
Provide for traffic control.
Establish housing standards.
Supervise benefits administration for county employees.
Add or alter the boundaries of townships.
Add or alter the boundaries of voting precincts.
For more details on the duties of Commissioners, see  IC 36-2-2.

The Union County Commissioners meet on the first and third Friday of each month at 8:30AM on the second floor of the Union County Courthouse.

To inquire about the agenda or to request a place on the agenda, contact the Auditor's Office.
Link to Commissioners Minutes

Link to Commissioners Agenda

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