The Union County Auditor is Dennis Spaeth. 
The Auditor's Office is located in the Northwest corner of the second floor of the Union County Courthouse.
(765) 458-5464 -

The Auditor is responsible for calculating tax rates based on the budget set by the County Council each year, paying the county's bills, assisting property owners in filing exemptions and tracking land transfers.
Land plats, tax records and other information is available through the Union County Geographic Information System.
Budget reports, showing total expenditure in each department are posted after the close of each month. 
Financial Statements, showing the total receipts, disbursements and balance for each fund  are posted after the close of each month. 
Property Tax Rates and Tax comparison reports from the Legislative Service Agency and the Department of Local Government Finance are posted for each year to aid in understanding tax changes from year to year. 
State Board of Accounts Audit Reports for Union County are available from 2005 through 2017.

The Auditor also sets the agenda and keeps the minutes for Commissioner's and Council meetings.