Emergency Dispatch (911)
The Union County  911 Director is Jenny Brown.
The 911 Emergency Dispatch Center is located at 106 East Union Street.
Emergencies: 911

The 911 Emergency Dispatch Center does not have a published non-emergency number, but when not handling emergency calls, they also answer the administrative lines for the Union County Sheriff: (765) 458-5194, (765) 458-5195 and Liberty Police: (765) 458-5721.

The Emergency Dispatch Center is staffed at all times and receives telephone calls for emergency services and dispatches the appropriate response agencies, including local law enforcement, fire department and emergency medical services. When needed, they also dispatch state emergency response agencies and coordinate communication between agencies during emergencies.

In cooperation with neighboring jurisdictions, the Emergency Dispatch Center  also answers "rollover" calls for Wayne, Fayette, Franklin, Butler (OH) and Preble (OH) county emergency dispatch. These organizations provide the same backup service for Union County through interlocal agreement.

The Emergency Dispatch Center is authorized by IC 36-8-15 and is funded in part by the County General fund and in part by fees on telephones used in the county and a portion of wireless phone fees as described in IC 36-8-16, IC 36-8-16.5 and IC 36-8-16.6.

The Emergency Dispatch Center is staffed by:

Jenny Brown (Director) 
Emily Cantrell (Dispatcher)
Kira Robbins (Dispatcher)

Amber Rigor (Dispatcher)