The Union County Council is the primary fiscal decision-making body for the County. 

The members of Union County Council are:

Marilyn Revalee
Bonnie Adams
Ravenna Brown
Trish Persinger
Jim Crouch
Tyler Clavell
Chris Rosenberger

Duties of Council include:
Reviewing and approving the annual operating budgets for all County offices.
Appropriating funding for any purpose.
Reviewing and approving compensation (wages) for all County employees.
Reviewing and approving tax and user fee rates for the County.
Authorizing borrowing for the County.
Authorizing the purchase or sale of land and buildings.
For details of Council duties, see IC 36-2-3, IC 36-2-5 and IC 36-2-6.

The Union County Council meets on the third Thursday of each month at 9:00AM on the second floor of the Union County Courthouse.

To inquire about the agenda or to request a place on the agenda, contact the Auditor's Office.

Council Minutes