Audit Reports
Audit reports come in several flavors: 

The basic reports that the Indiana State Board of Accounts provide for every year are Financial and Compliance audit reports. These are a basic audit across all offices of both financial records and compliance with process standards.

If Federal grant money is used by the county, a Federal Audit is often required to confirm that the grant funds were used in accordance with the requirements.

If a problem is found in any audit, a Supplemental audit report will be furnished for the affected department.

Audit Reports are available for 2005 forward, and are grouped by year. Note that in general, reports are not completed until at least one year after the year being audited, so if you're not seeing a recent year, it is probably because the State Board of Accounts has not provided it to the County yet. If you want to check for these reports at the source, go to the Indiana State Board of Accounts web site.