Some of Union County's Current Ordinances

Mobile homes are permitted in mobile home parks only.  However, if you wish to upgrade an existing mobile home,  you may do so if you purchase a model no older than ten (10) years. You must obtain a building permit and the mobile home you wish to replace must not have been removed from the property longer than six months prior.  If it has been over six months you can no longer replace it with a another mobile home.
If you begin building without obtaining a building permit a fine of $50 will be assessed over and above the cost of the building permit.
A building permit must be obtained for any structure that has a cost or estimated value of  $1,000.

 Obtaining a Building Permit

In order to obtain a building permit the items needed are:

Property deed containing a legal description,
Septic permit,
Site plan showing utilities, home, barns and/or sheds, distance of buildings from property lines, driveway, septic field and tank
Building plans with square footage,
Number of bedrooms,
And tax receipt showing all taxes are current.
Make sure you consult with the Union County Highway Department  (765-458-5692) before installing your driveway.  It must be approved for location and installation by the Highway Supervisor before installing.

 Time Limits of Building Permits

Every permit has an eighteen (18) month limitation.  All work authorized shall be completed within eighteen (18) months from the issuance of the building permit otherwise the homeowner/contractor shall renew the permit for a period of one year at a cost of $50.00.