The Ordinances are intended to guide the growth and development of Union County in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan and for the following purposes:

A. To secure adequate light, air, and convenience of access; and safety from fire, flood and other damages.

B. To promote the public health, safety, comfort, convenience, morals and general welfare.

C. To plan for the future development of the county so:

that the community grows only with adequate public ways, utilities, health, education, and recreation facilities

that the needs of agriculture, industry, and business be recognized in future growth;

that residential areas provide healthful surroundings for family life;

that the growth of the community is commensurate with and promotes the efficient and economical use of public funds; and

that the community strives for high aesthetic value and quality planning and design.

Ordinances are changed periodically to keep up with the changing times, situations and problems that arise.

When a Building Permit is Needed (for other than the obvious):

Swimming Pools
Accessory Buildings
Room Additions
Upgrading of Mobile Homes
Electrical and Plumbing Upgrades

When a Permit is NOT Needed:

Remodeling does not require a permit unless you are moving the load bearing walls.
New windows and siding
Sidewalks and driveways