About This Site
What is this site good for?

This site is intended to save you a trip to the courthouse when you need basic information and aren't looking for an official or certified version of that information. Union County doesn't certify that the information on this site is the official record or suitable for any particular purpose. If you need an official version of any record, you'll still need to go to the county offices.

Design Principles:

This web site is intentionally simple so it will remain inexpensive and easy to maintain. Providing slick graphic design work will cost the taxpayers more without changing the basic information. Given a choice between adding more information or making the existing information prettier, we'll opt for more information. 

There are many questions that come up regularly, and you shouldn't have to visit the courthouse to learn the answers to common questions. By providing on-line access to the most common questions, we free up public officials to focus on the more complex questions.

By providing comprehensive and timely information, we help citizens form a clear picture of how local government functions. Many people have ideas to improve government, but it's hard to make any progress if the ideas for change don't rest on a solid foundation. A clear understanding of the current situation provides that foundation.

Learning from others:
We don't have to make everything up for the first time- Many others have thought carefully about what makes a good government web site, and we have started by following the advice of others. Here are some of the resources we have used:
Sunshine Review
Indiana Coalition for Open Government.