The Union County Treasurer is Linda Rosenberger.
The Treasurer's office is located in the Southwest corner of the second floor of the Union County Courthouse.
Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM.
(765) 458-6491 - - Fax (765) 458-1052
The County Treasurer is responsible for the collection of property taxes and investment of the collected funds. The Treasurer works in cooperation the the Auditor to distribute county funds in accordance with local ordinances and state statutes. 

Current tax billing, payment records and related parcel information is available via the Union County Geographic Information System.

2018 pay 2019 Property Tax
The property tax due date for Spring Installment is May 10, 2019.

The property tax due date for Fall Installment is November 12, 2019.

It is the policy of the Union County Treasurer's Office to accept payments of taxes of any amount at anytime. Making partial payments does not relieve the taxpayer of late penalties, fees, or the property being subject to tax sale.

A reminder, we do not and cannot accept postdated checks. Payments made after the due date will be assessed a penalty.

Property taxes may be paid using any of the following methods:
By Mail. Mailed payments for the Spring must be postmarked by May 10, 2019 to avoid late fees.

By Mail. Mailed payments for the Fall must be postmarked by November 12th, 2019 to avoid late fees.

Mail payments to:

PO Box 133

Liberty, IN 47353
In person at the  Union County Courthouse Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM.
On-line via credit or debit card through the GovPayNet web site, or by phone: (888) 604-7888. The Pay Location Code for Union County Treasurer is 6464. 
Service fees are as follows:

Credit card payments made via Web or Gov$wipe  2.65%  $2.95 minimum fee

Debit card payments made via Web or Gov$wipe  2%  $2.95 minimum fee

Telephone Assisted payments (Call Center/Live Agent)  $2.50 additional in addition to card fees

The Treasurer's Office will be closed April 19th, May 7, May 13, May 14, May 27, July 4th, September 2nd, October 14th, Novemebr 5th, November 11,13 and 14th, November 28, 29, December 24 and 25th.